My Life….in Bits & Pieces (5)

“Are you kidding me?”I jumped in surprise.

“No, I am not.” She said.

“But he never told me that. He’s my cousin” I uttered in confusion.

“I am telling you the truth” She looked in my eyes.

“I should go ask him” I got up in rage.

“Sit down, you know he would never confess it. But if you really know the truth, go find Azra’s address and meet her” She pulled my arm and said.

“But how? I shall help you in that” She said.

That day, i got to know why Zakir always disliked my friendship with Riffat. He never wanted her to visit our home or see me. But fortunately, Riffat bumped into me in bazaar and offered me to have a cup of tea with Smosas which I agreed instantly.

“I am like your elder sister and it is my duty to tell you the truth. I do not want to spoil your relationship but truth is truth.” She took a sip of hot tea.

“Riffat! please guide me how to find out her address?” I asked.

“I can give you her friend’s number, you may call her someday in Zakir’s absence to check”

“Please give me, I just really want to clear this confusion” I said with a pale face.

“Alright, I just write it for you here” She took out her pen and diary.

“Thank you, Riffat” I said while taking the page from her and came back home.

I was feeling as if time bomb had been fixed with my waist and my hands have been tightly fastened. I could never imagine that type of betrayal from him. He was my lover, my mentor, hubby…everything!

I left my home for him. I fought with my family for him. I had forsaken whole universe for him. How could he ditch me? It was not understandable for me. It was also true that I never met Riffat and had believed her instantly because of Zakir’s strange behavior with me. He had been rude and reserved after that incident. And I did not understand why. Was it the postman or the letter?

I opened door that day for the postman and apparently there was nothing odd about it. So, my sixth sense indicated that Zakir was trying to hide something from me which probably Riffat had unveiled.

“What shall I do?” I thought to myself one day. I was afraid of making a call. I had fear in my mind.”What shall I do if Azra were Zakir’s wife?” “What if Azra would come here and take my place then?” “What if Zakir would divorce me for that?” “What if Zakir would make an issue out of it?”

“Wouldn’t it be better to talk him into it first?” An idea occurred to my mind. “You are taking stress…what if there is nothing to even think about…what if Riffat lied for any reason?”

He should answer me to clear my mind. After all, we are married to each other. He loves me and love makes life easier. I hope he will understand it and tell the truth. Because he had promised it. He also promised that he never hides anything. So, what if I ask him straight away. “Yes, that would be fine, instead of suspecting him” I decided and begun to wait for his return from the office.




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