All I Know is that I Love You 3

She ran towards the staircase, hoping to see Ryan on the door but it was her brother, Clive.

“O wow, you opened the door for me today” Clive asked while entering. He was taking off his gloves.

“Oh, how are you dear?” She asked by hiding her excitement.

“Fine. But seems like you ain’t fine” He looked straight in her eyes.


Clive used to visit his mother quite often due to her bad condition. She was a diabetic but could never stop eating sweets. And Clive hated it.

“How’s mama now?” He asked.

“Mum is good, sleeping right now”

“I knew but unfortunately, i don’t get time due to tough job schedule. I was free today because of my friends, they came to pick me for party” They crossed the lobby and sat in the television lounge.

“He was out with friends” Something clicked her mind. “Was he with them?” She thought.

“Hey were you outside with friends just before an hour or so?” She could n’t help asking.

“Yeah..”He nodded by turning on the television.

“Oh…I think I know…” She wanted to say something but dropped it.

“What?”He arched his brows.

“Nothing” She shrugged foolishly.


Leaf 2

Next morning when she woke up there was a chaos in her room. All her wardrobe was wide open. There were dresses everywhere on the floor, her favorite white scarf turned yellow due to dust, her most precious ear rings were not in their proper place and two of her hot-favorite new shirts were stolen. She came running downstairs in a bad mood as she knew it was Vena who would have arrived to borrow shirts from her. She came running downstairs to her mother’s room. There was nobody. She checked the television lounge, computer room and even her loo. There was nobody. Vena had probably left since it was 12:45 in the afternoon. She shouted at last, “Mama!”

“Yes sweetie, why are you shouting?” Her mother waved her from the adjacent book store. “Could you please come here, mama” She requested her to come to the room. “Yes darling?” Mrs. Woods enquired. “Did Vena come today?” She frowned. “Yes, she did” Her mother replied smilingly. “Did she came to my room?” She asked further. “Yes, what happened sweetie?” Her mother showed as if she did not know anything. “Mum, did you give her my shirts again?” She was asking furiously. “Well sweetie, she needed them” she responded calmly without looking straight into her eyes. “She had to go to a party” her mother tried to make excuse.

“She could ask me, mama? Did you check my room, it is all topsy-turvy” She was angry. “Sweetie, it’s alright, she is your younger sister” Mrs. Woods took her sister’s side again. “No, this is not nice mama, she should have asked me, see I had to wear one of the shirts today” She started throwing out fire.

“You don’t go anywhere, dear. Vena has a job, she has a social circle, she has to maintain herself” Her mother defended Vena. “Really mama? But I….” she wanted to say something but stopped. “Listen, she is a known television anchor now, she needs new dresses all the time” Mrs. Woods was proving her point. “I know mama but she could ask me” She tried to explain.

“How could she? You keep on sleeping all the time, you do not meet anybody, you do not do any job, you do not want to look for one either” Mrs. Woods lost temper.

Mrs. Woods was actually very concerned about her career but it was her style to say things bluntly. “Alright mama” she did not speak anything and moved back to her room quickly. Her mother’s cutting remarks penetrated into her heart and left a deep mark, she felt sad that day. She was already very disappointed about not getting a desired job and living with her mother. And her mother worsen the situation.

“I deserve it, perhaps” she uttered in resentment and started to cry under her pillow. “What happened sweetie” her mother followed her to the room and sat on the chair. “Hey darling, I did not mean it, listen…” she tried to console her but to no avail.

She was crying like a baby.



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