Between Two Heavens Stays My Love (14)

“It’s my room” (We were fighting like kids).

“It’s my room. No no its mine…”(both were near to grabbing each other in maddness when mama entered the doorway. She was knitting something so she stood there to listen what we had been upto).

I brought my color gun and shot him on his face, arms and body turning his white shirt into a rainbow. “You moron” See what I do with you today.

His face turned red as he leaned on the table to pull out the table cloth for hiding his face. A blue scotch tape was lying there. He picked it up and came back to me.

“Let me show you what kinda moron i am” he laughed and snatched my gun. I tried to shout but he put a big piece of tape on my mouth.

“Umm…” I wanted to say something.

“Witches cannot speak human language. Now its my turn, Jess.” I took the tape and applied it on his mouth.

In response, he took my gun and colored me blue, red and green from head to toe.

“Umm..i hate u”I took the tape off and screamed.

My room, the doorway and the sideways were all painted.

Mum had gone inside her room but it was all wet with color everywhere when she turned back. She saw both of us wrestling with each other and threw her needles to interupt from behind.

“Shame on you Jess. See what you did to the house. You know it’s his room now and you are still arguing? Just leave the room now” Mama ordered

“Mum! aren’t you seeing, it is HE who started it today.”

“NO, he did not. It is YOU who is always trying to mess with him, now leave!” she turned red.

I always hated when mum took his side, she had always been favoring him. I could never understand why? I sat on the sofa outside of mum’s room and tried to figure out what was happening with mum. She was always favoring him, was not I her daughter? Was not I her beloved, was not it my home? And  that day was the worst day of my life because for the first ever time, mum spoke to me in that way by taking Sam’s side.

I begun to cry harder.

“I am SORRY, Jessie” I turned over my face and saw Sam standing beside me. I felt like killing him, so it was better to turn my face to the other side.

“Jess! I apologize for whatever just happened” he bowed his head.

I did not know what was happening to me, perhaps I was losing my senses so I began crying even harder. Tear drops dripped like rain.

“SORRY pretty lady, It is my fault and am so very sorry, ” you threw paint on me and i did the same in response. I apologise. I know you do not like Asians but all are not same.”Sam pleaded.

I tried to stop but tears were not stopping, I kept crying and Sam kept apologizing. He tried everything, he could to make me happy from offering my favorite food to leaving his room but I was not listening.

In the end, he kept my hands in his hands and started wiping my tears off. I was surprised at that. How bad was my image about him and how contrary his real self was? He understood me in no time, unlike everyone else.” By the way you look so good like this…red blue green” he joked.

I took a glance at him and smiled, how deep were his eyes, truthful and shiny. His sincerity was crystal clear in them. He was still apologizing, although, I was always rude with him.

“It’s okay… moron” I whispered in his ears smiling and a brilliant smile appeared on his face too.

He was not as bad as I imagined about him. He was different, indeed very different from my past Asian BF, Stephen. I realized that thing on that day and got so embarrassed about my behavior.

“I am also sorry,Sameer”

He was still holding my hand and smiling , I wanted to capture that beautiful moment in my eyes as it changed me from a stubborn fellow to a calm lady and it was only due to him.

“Thank you, Sam”


“Thanks for being there for me in need of help”

“Oh! I thought you are thanking me for returning your room again” he teased.

“No, I do not need it anymore. You can use my room as long as you wanna” I smiled.


2 thoughts on “Between Two Heavens Stays My Love (14)

  1. “I wanted to capture that beautiful moment in my eyes as it changed me from a stubborn fellow to a calm lady and it was only due to him.”



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