What Else Love Means 3

Nikki noticed the same shadow near her house but ignored. She was half drunk and jut wanted to have fun that day.

The couple entered the house and turned on the music again. “You ain’t sleeping tonight” Nikki requested Julian who was half asleep on the sofa. “Oh please Nikk” he tried to insist but Nikki rejected all pleadings.

“Wait, I bring a whole basket of cold water for you” she winked.

“No, no ….I just go to myself to wash my face” Julian ran to the washroom.

“Ha ha..that’s like my good boy” She laughed out loudly.

Julain took five minutes in the washroom while Nikki went to the kitchen to look for something to eat. She noticed somebody standing behind her. “Whose there” she said to herself but could not find anybody. “La la…” she started humming while taking out canned fruit cocktail from the refrigerator. “Let’s eat” She was feeling a bit dizzy.

“La..la…la” Julian hugged her from behind romantically.

“Oh darling” she smiled and pressed his hands. But there was nobody. “Julian!” she looked for him here and there. There was nobody but a strange sound. “Hisssssss”

“Julian…”She almost cried. Her heart was thumping and sweat was dripping from her forehead like never before.

“Whose there…” she screamed in nervousness again.

“Whose there…” She repeated again and again. She was choking.

She rushed back to the main hall to complain to the half lying Julian about it.

“Julian….please come here quickly, Julian help me….quickly” she shouted.


He ran to the kitchen with her.

“What happened” Julian asked while looking here and there.

“There is someone” she bit her nails while pressing his hands.

“No…no darling, i cannot find anybody” He said.

“I heard something” She put her hand on her forehead.

“No babe…there is no one..just you and I” He voice was soaked in love.


Nikki was fine soon as Julian gave her a bottle of bear. She started to move her body again. “Let us dance” She held her partner’s hand.


All they wanted to stop those moments and relax a while. Julian opened up the fridge door and took out all the four bottles of whiskey. It was five in the morning when sun was about to rise. They were cuddling each other and never wanted to part.

“Come on…let us sleep now” Julian kissed her again said politely.

“O….k…..” She answered while closing eyes.

At first she thought the sounds and the sensations were not real but they began to follow her everywhere.

“Julian! I am very upset, remember I told you there is something in my house. I have seen it today. There was someone sitting on my bedside.” Nikki was biting her nail.

“Come on, there is nothing. You have started drinking a lot these days which has polished your imagination, babe” Julian tried to console her.

“No dear, really. I am noticing it with my naked eyes. Please believe it.” She laid stress.

“Sweetie…” He took a deep breath and continued,” i think you need a break from work. May be it’s the work pressure” Being a cardiologist, Julian was not ready to accept Nikki’s stance.”We shall go to see a good psychiatrist tomorrow. I think Mr. Joseph will be a great help here.”




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