We All Have Secrets 3

She coughed shyly and frowned which was very awkward for me. I shrugged my shoulders and decided to return. As soon as I turned back, I found Ryan standing behind me. He frowned at me and took the paper away.


Chapter 2

I felt embarrassed and reserved for the next three days. Ryan was also busy with his foreigner clients so we did not speak as such. But I noticed a certain kind of change in his behavior. He was noticing me overly. Emma also noticed it.

“Hey J, I have notice a special change in HIS way to look at you” Emma teased me one day.

“Come on…forget it” I paid no heed to her words.

“Seriously, there is a change in his way of watching you now” She insisted.

“Stop the crap babe, why would he be?” I denied again.

“Really, I am telling you, there is something Fishy FISHY about it” She laid stress on “fishy” and giggled.

I rejected her point lightly as I could never imagine myself to be worth-noticing for, especially by Ryan. He was a 6 feet tall, smart, muscular guy, he would hardly be 27 years old. I on the other hand was normal looking, buxom, easily panicked and shy geek who was more interested in living in her own world than to face the reality.Also, I came from a normal family, whereas he was a billionaire. His cell phone bill was more than my full month salary. He had everything that people like me could only dream of, luxurious bungalows and mansions in all the major cities of the world, personal helipad and a huge list of beautiful girls dying to have dinner with him even for a night. A super model left her boyfriend in his love.

“Why would he notice me then?” I asked to myself again.

“May be he is not happy with my work anymore and want a reason to throw me out” I said to myself and lost nerves. “What should I do now, I think Donna can help” thinking it I dropped her message to see me after office hours.


“There are only three options left for you: Seduce him, allure him, or appeal him” Donna suggested with a serious, blank face.

“Are you kidding me?” I jumped in shock.

“Come on, if he’s noticing you that much, he probably wants you to”, Donna added “I know men and whenever they are noticing you, it only means ONE thing.”

“So your point is that he wants to bone me, his secretary who can’t match her bra with her dress?”

“Well, I’d fall for you if I was a man” Donna replied.

“And you’d be a 4’2 bald fat guy” I ended conversation and played the movie.

“Listen, you are not as bad as you think of yourself” she said firmly.

“O yeah” I ignored her point.

“I’ve one last question” Donna asked “can you arrange a meetup with your boss?”

“WTF?” I said as I grabbed the popcorns from her hands.

“it makes sense, He is super rich, has a body to die for and since you don’t have enough guts to get him in your panties, I will ”.

“No darling, I just am afraid that what if he doesn’t like me”, I started feeling down instantly.

“Only one way to find out. Have you ever tried, you know……. Fli-rt-ing with him?”

NO God, I even forget to talk when I see him, you know he often takes off his coat and rolls up his sleeves, it gets me ….”


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