My Life… in Bits & Pieces (4)

“Azra Zakir? Sorry, we don’t know about any Azra Zakir.” I ambled away from the door.

“No, Miss Azra used to live here before you” The postman disclosed.

“What” My brows knitted in a frown, “you must be mistaken”

“No, I am not. I used to deliver her letters here.” He rugged his ears.

Before I could utter anything else, Zakir slammed the door on postman’s face.

“What happened?” I asked in shock.

“Why did you go to the door?” He clenched his fists.

“Who was there?” I asked.

“Tell me why did you go to the door when you know I don’t like it?”

“You were in the washroom …”I wanted to say.

“Next time, don’t do anything without my permission” He ordered and left the room.

“What happened to him at once” I thought to myself. “Why did he overreacted like that and who the hell was “Azra Zakir?” I could smell rats. So, i decided to dig the matter deeper but with caution. But the issue was how would I be able to know the truth. Should i ask him straight or should I ask others. I was confused. I kept thinking over and over again and concluded to talk to him about it.

Zakir came back late at night when I was half sleep. “Hi”I greeted and rushed to the kitchen to serve dinner.

“Don’t make it for me, I am full” He announced from the bedroom.

“Please eat a little with me. I made an especial pasta for you” i requested humbly.

“I did not say to make it, did I?” He shrugged his shoulders.

“For my sake. See I did not eat anything from morning. I was just waiting for you.” I had tears in my eyes.

“Did I say wait for me?” He was indifferent.

“Please don’t be angry at me and forget what happened in the morning.” I wanted to ease him at all costs.

“Forget…huh” He arched a brow “Forget that my wife does not obey me..huh” he laughed.

I looked closely into his eyes, there was anger for me. Anger that was uncontrollable, understanding and puzzling. I did not know how to soothe him and say sorry for a mistake, I did not commit.


He was my husband and first love. And so, it was my duty to bear the brunt of his bad mood. I was raised with this teaching from my family. I recalled my teachings and said forsaken the plan for asking him about Azra.

“Next time, don’t do it” he ordered with a plain face before sleeping.

“Okay dear” I bowed my head.

The next morning was bright but not for me. He was still in a bad mood and did not want to talk with me. I made him breakfast which he threw away for no reason. It was for the first time that I had seen an abusive man in my entire life. Because I was an orphan with four brothers and a sisters. And none of us abused or cursed anybody for any reason. Our family was known for serenity, peace and unity but my in-laws were a total opposite including my husband.


Azra- was his first wife or girl friend. A neighbor told me one day in his absence. She was an innocent girl from his hometown. She lived with him for a year but disappeared recently for unknown reasons.




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