Between Two Heavens Stays My Love (13)


“This means war!”I screamed, gathered all my friends and started marching towards home. We brought dirty eggs, sticks, rotten tomatoes, pebbles with us for the war.

“Girls are you ready to fight against the culprit? Are you ready to throw the dirty moron out of my home; are you ready for this WAR?” I pumped girls.

“Yes, Chief! We are all ready and with you. We would fight him till the end”They answered altogether.


“Then march with me” I shouted.

We reached home fully prepared to throw him out of my home. We rushed inside and spread everywhere in the house in order to locate him.

“Mum, where is HE?” (I was forgetting his name in rage).

“Who?”Mum responded in surprise. “What are you up to” She asked.

“The Asian, mum….that dirty Asian” I bent down the bed to find him.

“Why, what happened dear? Why are you blushing?”

“Mum! Where is he? Where is that dirty ass?”

“Umm…” (Before mum could say anything, I galloped into his room but in vain. He was not there.

My girl’s squad and I were running here and there to find him. We checked the entire house, behind the curtains, under the sofas, in the chimney, behind the bed, on the roof, in street, lawn, backyard….. everywhere. But he was not to be found.”.

“Mum! Where did he go?”I inquired at last.

“He left” Mum uttered sadly.

“He left? How come? He was here in the morning”

“He left for an urgent meeting, dear”

“Meeting on a holiday, come on mum”

“Why are you so mad at him, Jess?”

“Okay, just give me his number, I call him myself”I ignored her words.

I called him in a hurry, but he was not attending. I dropped message:

“You crazy skunk, weirdo, knave, rascal…Just come back home and I will teach you a lesson.”

We kept standing behind entrance for two hours but he did not return. He was not coming. After 2 hours, mum received his message that he was on a trip and would come back after a week. But I promised myself not to spare him at any cost. I had to take revenge and so I began counting days to his return.

While he was away, I shifted back in my room. It was hardly the second day of his departure when somebody knocked my room at night. I thought it would be mum, trying to force me for having a cup of milk.

“Mama! I am sleeping, if it is milk.”

“I am not your mama, I am your father, sweetie” (my enemy said while laughing out loud).

“Oh you….” (I jumped from the bed.)

“Yes me, Jessica” (He opened the door and bowed before me.)

“How dare you getting in without my permission.”

“Hey, I do not need your permission, okay. It’s my room after all.”

“Oh really, since when?”

“Listen Jess! I am tired and exhausted and not feeling like talking to a…. mad girl like you, so better go away from here.”


“Just get lost…this my my room and I will not move from here.”

“Fine, then let us sleep together”

“Oh, you shut up” I threw my pillow to him.

“Umhm…no fighting” he caught my pillow.

“Listen Mr, i am not going anywhere” I said.

“Okay, keep standing here, and I am going to hit the bed now, bye” I pushed me aside from the door.


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