We All Have Secrets (2)

He was satisfied with my performance, though he did not like my nail biting and hands clasping habit. My basic responsibilities included email correspondence, coordinating, files maintenance, meetings and trips arrangement for him. Sometimes I also had to travel with him but it was once in a blue moon.


“Ms. Janet!” His voice woke me up. He was standing in front of me with a file in his right hand. I was alarmed, I could anticipate something went wrong in the file because he never liked getting up from his seat to call me.

“Yes Sir?” I said by clasping my hands.

“Ms. Janet, there is a paper missing in it. I gave it to you yesterday. Is that with you?” He enquired angrily.

“Yesterday? No sir, you did not give me any paper.” I responded negatively.

“Are you sure?” He said worriedly “It was really important, where it could go then” he said by looking here and there around my cabin.

“Should I go check in your room?” I asked for his permission.

“Yes, of course” His wide forehead was sweating in distress. I had never seen him in such condition before so I also lost nerves.

I got up anxiously and rushed to him room. There were four cupboards in all: two were dedicated for files and documents while two others were full of awards and shields that he secured during his career. In tension, I checked all of them, even his side drawers, personal lockers were examined but the paper was nowhere.

I could feel anger in his eyes, though he was trying to keep calm.

“Janet! Please check your cabin. I am sure I gave it to you” he was confident.

“Okay, but I don’t remember if you gave me a paper yesterday.” I answered thoughtfully.

In hurry, I forgot to reorganize his drawers and rushed to my cabin. After checking three to four times everywhere, I went to him, “Sorry, it is not there… I could not find it” he peeped into my eyes and as if he was too sure that the paper was with me.

“Janet, it was extremely important, you know. It was supposed to be dispatched by today, you remember, Mr. Watson brought it to me, I put it over here (he was pointing the table) and after ten minutes of so, I sent it to you. You called and enquired about the paper after it?”

“Oops” I uttered unconsciously.

“What?” He frowned at me.

“I just come back” I said it and rushed to Emma’s cabin. She was receptionist at our company and a very good friend of mine. We had many things in common: both were shy, both were book-lovers, both were foodies and both had a thing for Ryan, my muscular boss.

“Emma…” I shouted.

“What happened?” Her zinger slipped in shock.

“Where is the book were reading together in break time?” I was looking here and there quickly.

“Why? What happened?” She asked while picking her burger up.

“Don’t ask questions, just tell me where did you keep it?”

“In my purse, but why are you asking?” she inquired.

“Give it to me” I snatched her purse and took the book out. I was flipping its papers crazily. “Here it is, here it is” I got it at last and kissed it in excitement.

“Thank God, I got it otherwise your angry boss could have killed me today” I laughed out loudly.


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