Between Two Heavens Stays My Love (12)

“So the true story is…”Jess begun to unfold.

It was a fine shinny Sunday morning when I was sleeping like a horse with my mother. It was my habit to keep sleeping till 2 at noon on holidays; and especially on Sundays when mum goes to the church and then to the grocery store in morning and then wake me up after her return.

I used to watch movies or party with friends at night and hit the bed in morning so that day also, I kept watching movies the entire night and did know know when i slept while my laptop was still on.


Mum was not at home while Sam was going for a morning walk. He needed something from mum’s room. He knocked but I did not open as I was in a deep slumber. The door was opened so he sneaked in to take his stuff. But stopped there to see if  my Facebook and other sites were still logged in or not.

He grinned at something and begun to work on his plan.

It was his day so instead of picking his stuff up, he chose to pick my laptop and ran away.

I kept sleeping till late in the evening and he kept tampering with my pictures and comments for many hours. He copied all my pictures, applied mustaches, beards or creepy shapes and tagged to all of my friends.

“I love Asians”, my timeline read.

Moreover, he commented weird things to my all statuses liked Miss Moris, you are a devil or I am a devil etc and sneaked away.

I woke up really late that day and dresses up quickly for a hang out as my friends had been waiting for me.I was in a hurry and so did not notice where my laptop was. And so I kept moving around the entire evening and unluckily, did not even get time to check updates from my smartphone.

After around 10 PM or so, a friend of mine asked,

“Jess! are you in senses these days? Did you drink last night?”

“Why sweetie?”

“Why did you painted mustaches in all the photos, whether grouped or single?”

“What?” I asked in shock.

“Yeah Jess, I was also wondering why you uploading  selfies with mustaches or beards, even our recent beach photograph seems quite ……weird” Amanda also asked.

“No, it’s not weird, it’s funny” Monica remarked.

“What? I did not do anything, guys. you are mistaken.”

“No, we are not mistaken, you commented even in my status saying, “I love Asians” right in the morning.” (They were frowning at me in disbelief and I was frowning at them back in astonishment too.)

“SAMEER…..I want to kill you” (I bellowed out loud).

6d7362048ea0c5eaf87364b5b4a7e771I opened up all my accounts and was maddened to see what had been done. I really wanted to kill Sameer and for that reason. How dare him he hacked my ID and messed up with my personal photographs. He was such a disaster, I thought to myself.




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