All I Know is that I Love You (2)

It was 12:30 midnight when she heard two racing cars drifting and peeping nearby her window.

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“What the hell? Who is this bothering the whole universe at this hour of night?” The sedans stopped and two men came out of them, hooting, clapping, shouting…

“Drunkards!” She murmured and tried to focus on her book.

“Peep Peep” the noise increased making her irritated.

“What the…”Her attractive white color turned red as she threw the book on the table and got up to see outside.


“Whose there?” She leaned on the pane and shouted.

In response  one of the men turned his face up. He was a tall, young, muscular male with catchy blue eyes. He had a fresh, brilliant smile on his face as walked briskly out of his brand new Mercedes-Benz. He looked at her thoroughly and did not say anything.

“Hey, why are you guys shouting here?” She made a bad face.

He scanned her again without uttering a word and stopped his friends to shout. “We won’t make noise again.” one of them remarked.

“Never” Another added.

“Ever” and yet another grinning.

“Very bad” She said and came back to her room.

“I think i have seen the Mercedes man somewhere” she reflected. “Where did I see him?” She laid stress but failed. “Anyways, let us go back to the story” she said and continued with her story.

But the stranger’s brilliant smile and deep eyes were still making her restless. There was something uncommon about them. Was it the color or the make? She thought and smiled to herself.

“Oh I got it, he is from the book, ha ha. He cannot be real as his features resembles to that of a prince charming.” She fantasized herself standing with the street prince charming. prince-charming-steve-robertsThe prince is looking at him in love and is going to propose her. “How cute…” she smiled and begun to read the book again.

The noise had diminished as if the group had scattered. But there was a sound of slow music suggesting that they had not gone so far.

“Is he the prince charming or Clive’s childhood friend?” A thought occurred in her mind. “But he had left for France five years ago and he was not as smart as the guy in the street” she tried to guess.

“Oh yes, he is Ryan” meanwhile the doorbell rung again.

“Guest at midnight?”




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