What Else Love Means (2)

He took out his ax and sat nearby the corpse. He had an unearthly glare in his eyes which made the dogs bark.

It was a full moon night when all other creatures were hiding in their dens except for two kinds: devil and him.

Soon after 10 minutes when the moon rays spread the sky, he murmured something in his mouth and leaned on her body to sniff it. He was flicking his tongue continuously. He laid down in the blood pool and stretched his arms up while closing eyes. A moon beam entered his chest and slowly a long tail appeared out of his body. His skin begun to shed and arms disappeared.

He turned into a gigantic Inland Tiapan, hissing the corpse’s body and rolling it into his huge mouth.

He ate the body and disappeared in the bushes before the sun rise. There was no blood, bone or any remnant of the corpse left behind the rock.


Chapter II

Julian and Nikki were drinking & dancing on the floor for many hours.download It was Nikki’s birthday and she wanted to celebrate it with her long term boyfriend who had come all the way from France for her. It was morning 4 AM and almost all customers had left the club except for the duo and another man, sitting silently in a corner.


One of the staff member came near to them to request them to leave as the club was closed.

“I don’t wanna go home” Nikki replied in ecstasy.

“Sorry mam but the time is over” The staff member apologised.

“Me neither, Nikki but I think we should go now” Julian yawned.

“Awe…no babe, i just wanna dance” Nikki insisted. “La…la…la..”

“The staff has to go, darling. We can come tomorrow” Julian said by dragging her to the door.

“No, no…lemme dance to the rhythm” She persisted.

“There is no rhythm babe, the DJ has left” Julian tried to wake her mind up.

“Alright, alright…don’t drag me” Nikki pulled her hand back from Julian and lost of balance.

“Ouch…” she uttered and fell on the stranger.

“Watch out” Julian and the staff member shouted.

“Oh…I am sorry” she looked deep in the stranger’s eyes and said.

He helped her in getting up and smiled only. There was something different in his eyes that made Nikki restless about him. The drunk, half-sleeping Nikki was back to life all at once.

“Who was he?” She thought while exiting out. Her heart was throbbing rapidly as she wanted to see him again. She went in the parking and noticed that the stranger was looking at her from a distance.

man-shadow-silhouette-strange-suspense (1)




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