Between Two Heavens Stays My Love (11)

I never replied or given answer to any of her hostile proceedings, but at a point, it became compulsory to answer her.

I was sitting on my laptop, on cold winter night when there was nobody outside but sound of thunder lightening and heavy snow. Mrs. Tiffany had gone out of the city to attend her friend’s wedding; while Jess was also not home (she informed her mother that she would return back in some days from a trip with friends, however, it was not true).


It was around 2:00 AM in morning, when I heard some strange, spooky sounds coming from outside the window. There were mingled sounds of werewolves, wild boars, stormy winds, ghosts and all supernatural creatures.

With a thunderbolt, the entrance opened and some strange creatures started appearing on the screen. The electric circuit also blew away, all of a sudden and so the entire building was in dark then. This was strange so I got up and tried to go down to figure things out but as far as I took the stairs, one of my foot slipped and I tumbled down from the stair case. There were blood spots everywhere and ascending sounds of odd creatures.


I could not see what was moving towards me due to darkness but it was not a man, but a big, white rob with no face. It was making unusual sounds, and then another big white robbed creature (perhaps a spirit) joined in and started making horrible sounds.


At first, I could not understand what was happening and decided to I run being a little scared but the spooky spirit saved me from doing so as I happened to see its feet and when I saw them they were Jess’s!


She was wearing her long white dress and makeup along with her friends but forgot to wear matching shoes, there were 6” heals instead. I saw her feet and understood what she was up to. That day I came to know she was a great drama artist.

Actually, it was my mistake I told Mrs. Tiffany and Jessie about my fear of spirits the other day. And Jess tried to trick me as she was practically trying to make me scream, shout and run away!

It was probably the first ever day when I really got furious, no mad is the right word here, on her. She was expecting me to lose senses; instead of running, screaming like a pussy cat, I caught her red handed, my grip was tight and she was a weak, timid girl, so she begun shouting out loudly herself.

Her friends ran away, seeing that, leaving her at at my disposal. I could do anything to her as a penalty but I hardly said “So bad” and left her alone.


She must be ashamed then; I got up with the thought next morning. She must have been thinking of saying sorry. She must have been guilty-conscious, i supposed.

To my revelation, it was not so. She was like really normal and had kept the same spirit inside. I saw her going to work in morning, she did not even bother greeting or saying hello; rather she went out making face to me.

“Abnormal” I could only utter that but deep inside concocted a plan to teach her a lesson.

She was a sweetheart but a stupid sweetheart. It was important to make her learn that unnecessary pinching and hatred was not acceptable. She hated all Asians but there should be a reason to it, moreover, there was a limit to everything!


It took me three long days to plan and then, three long weeks to wait for the appropriate time for carrying it out. At last, it was a nice, shinny Sunday when the witch was at home, sleeping and had no other engagements reserved for that day.


“Okay, did you see how rude had you been to me, Samy?”

“Rude and I? Oh sweetheart what do you think about your devilish tricks?”

“No, you had always been rude and tricky!”

“Alright sweetie, was it rude to fall in for you, and kind to trick a stranger and make him your enemy for no good reason?”

“It was my attitude, understand”

“Wow, that what a Girl’s logic is”

“Yes, I took you as my enemy and still think the same, huh!” (Jess was laughing).

“Okay witch, now let me continue with the story. Could I please?”

“No, no let me unfold it now”


(to be continued…)


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