What Else Love Means? (Episode 1)

 Story of a psychopath and his snake lover

“What do you mean by love? Does it mean having sex, spending time and moving away?does it mean staying as friend but using you? Does it mean crushing one’s emotions?”

“Come on dear, be positive about it. We all do it nowadays. After all, what else does love means?”

“We all do it nowadays? Who does it? I don’t dear, I never thought about it ever and  never expected it from you”

“Huh…you are a mad woman, Sarah. just drop it and come on lets have some fun” Jamar held her hand and pushed her near his chest.

“Stop it, Jamar. Be serious now” She protested.


“Come on babe…Don’t mess with me” Drunken Jamar held her tighter and dragged her behind the rocks.

“Stop it, I say. Just leave me alone” She warned.

“Chill babe, we are alone here in this hilly place so let us have some fun. Make it a night full of enjoyment in this full, glittering moon” he had a bad plan that day.

“Leave me…” she shouted as she was never into it. For her love was a sincere emotion as depicted in the fairy tale stories.

“No one is listening, ha ha” he laughed.” Just take your pants off” He ordered.

“I warn you, Jamar” She tried to threaten him.

“Just five minutes sweetheart” He spread a devilish smile.

“I said leave me” She cried and slapped him on his face.


“Bitch” he responded in a rash tone and kicked on her stomach.”How dare you slap me like that. Now, let me tell you what real love is” he laughed out loudly and jumped on her.

She kept crying but he was unmoved. He was slapping,  thwacking and beating her as if she were a toy. “Taste love now, taste it” He was shouting crazily.


He kept using her until she fainted. She had scars everywhere from chest to legs and from head to hips. And they were giving him pleasure. He felt victorious and uttered, “Ah..that’s like a good girl friend.”

Jamar was a furious man who fell in for a young, innocent college girl, Sarah. She was a shy, religious girl with different perspective on life. At first she resisted his offers for friendship but slipped when he promised her to get married. It was their first meeting at a lone hillside.

Jamar opened a whiskey bottle and finished it in one go. His zip was still open and he was lying naked on the grass. Sarah sobbed a while and became fully unconscious in a few minutes.

He kept lying restless then got up and dragged her to the other side of the rock and lit his cigarette. He leaned on her face and burned it with the cigarette he had. She cried in pain while being unconscious.

It gave him pleasure. He smiled like a savager and burned her again. It was a great experience for him to see her moaning.

“Oh yes, this is fantastic. Cry more babe, cry more” He was shouting. “the more you cry, the more i would love you” he was talking to himself. “Ah..nice lips and neck and chest. Oh babe, all your body is sensual. I am burning again and so you should also burn with me.” saying that he poked another cigarette into her wounds.

“Yeah, time for another bang” he got up on the rock with his bag of needles,an ax and howled like an animal.

“I should kill you but why would I. I wanna see you cry babe. Get up, get up, wanna see your tears, wanna see you shout for me, get up…come on…cry in pain” he was slapping her face and pinching needles under her legs.

Seeing her immobile he lifted her on his hands and threw her back on the rock. “Get up babe, gimme a kiss” he had blood in his eyes. A flood of red water spread from her head on the rocks and a huge cry echoed in the hills.

She was gone!


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