All I know is that I Love you (1)

(Short love story of a skirt chaser boss and his book worm assistant)

Leaf 1


“And they lived happily ever after”. It was probably the thirtieth time that Bianca read her favorite storybook before going to sleep. It was 12 AM at night and she was still as fresh as a daisy. It was her routine to finish at least two books till late and wake up late in the morning, after all, she had nothing to do but reading storybooks all the time.

She had finished her masters in business management a year ago  but could not secure a good job as yet. Now she had lost hope and compromised on living with her bookseller mother. As there was attraction in it, she used to help her mother at her store and as a reward, she could choose any book to read at night.

Let us go back to the story now.

“Ah darling, you have ended again” she made a bad face while putting the book back in the shelf. “What to read now?” she asked herself. “Alas! All books being read, let us find out a new one from the library”. Deciding to find a new book, she moved towards her small library which was attached to her room towards the left.


It was well-decorated with books and many pictures of her favorite authors. The library was her favorite place to spend time in. therefore, it was not only well-decorated but also well-cleaned and more organized than her small, messy room.

The room was painted in azure with some tinges of gray glitter. There was a small chair and table for her near to the window opening. The table had a porcelain flower pot on it with a beautiful red rose smiling. The table was full of books, a small cute pencil case in which multicolored pens and pencils were kept nicely, her huge black-framed glasses and a family photo frame in which her mother, deceased father, brother, Clive and sister Vena were wearing Halloween costume.

The library started glowing when she entered in. She wanted to find a new book but to no avail since all books have been read by her. She searched for about ten minutes and sat down on her chair with the same book, she brought with her saying,

“Let us read you again”





(to be continued…)


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