We All have Secrets (1)

See what happens when a successful business tycoon and ladies’ heart-throbs 
takes a shy, under-confident but good looking girl under his wings.

Chapter 1

“Hello Donna, How’s it going?” I picked up the phone and asked my best friend with a smile.

“Hello sweetie, everything is fine. I just wanted to ask you if you are free right now.” Donna seemed to be in a hurry.

“Right now? No way” I responded in surprise by looking at time from my watch. It was 2 PM in the noon and she knew very well, I was on duty.

“Yes right now, cannot you take short leave today?” Donna insisted.

“Why darling? What is it so important?” I said firmly.

“ I want to buy some shirts with you” she was telling me in excitement.

“Oh that’s great, I also have got my first pay last week and need to go shopping someday, but not today….dear” I regretted.


“Why not today”

“Work dear”

“It cannot be work. just tell me is your crush still in his office” Donna teased me.

“yes, he is…” I whispered secretly so that nobody could hear.

“But you told me HE is rarely in office” Donna asked in amazement.

“He had a meeting today”

“Fine” She replied in hopelessness and cut the call as she knew I was not going to take leave in HIS presence.

“He” was my crush since my university days when my brother, Clive introduced me to him. He was Clive’s one of the best friends and client (Clive was running a small business).

downloadTheir friendship had proven to be very beneficial for me since he offered me job after noticing my prolonged unemployment for the past eight months.

He was a self made man and the pioneer of crystal business in his town. With sheer hard work and determination he established his business not only in hos town but also many other countries which was why he was not free.

Not only young and handsome, he was a kind and caring guy. That was why, I became his huge fan at first and slowly developed feelings for him.

He was satisfied with my performance, though he did not like my nail biting and hands clasping habit. My basic responsibilities included email correspondence, coordinating, files maintenance, meetings and trips arrangement for him.


Sometimes I also had to travel with him but it was once in a blue moon and that was the best time for me when I could be closer to him.I was totally infatuated with him as I had always been day dreaming about him in parties, parks and public places. And I did not know why was that. (to be continued…)


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