Between Two Heavens Stays My Love (Part 10)


After ten minutes, I went outside and found Mrs. Tiffany and that “Scary Witch” waiting for me on the breakfast table. To my surprise, the witch was quite calm. She had straight hair, glowing skin and light green, shinning eyes that were watching me thoroughly (as if I were a thief, yet I enjoyed her keen monitoring).


“Hey, Sameer”

“Say hi to Sameer, Jess”

“Hi” (She murmured)

“So, what would you like to have, Sameer? Juice, coffee, toast, cookies, peanut butter…”Mrs. Tiffany unfolded her long list of options.

“Coffee, some cookies and a toast” I responded humbly.

I stole a look at the witch and saw a lava of hatred for me again. It was as if she was tamed to not say anything rash to me (though she wanted to); yet I enjoyed her anger. She looked so pretty.


Jess, you wanted to say something to him, RIGHT? (The old lady emphasized on RIGHT) and Jess was like not wanting for it ….but forced to say.

She did not respond for a minute or so than threw her fork in her bowl to emit something. I thought she was going to abuse me but thanks to Mrs. Tiffany who saved me again.

Actually Mrs. Tiffany was glaring her deep eyes. She pushed her again saying, “Jess, you were to say something to this young man.”


She took two more seconds to say:

“Iamsorry” (And she said quickly as if I am sorry were not three words but one).

And I started laughing on her face, making the girl frown me instead of being ashamed in real.

I ignored her and begun munching my cookies.

“So, Sameer what are your plans?” Mrs. Tiffany asked meanwhile.

“Madam! I am a job-seeker. I came here for this purpose. But as you know I lost everything that day: my luggage, documents and all other belongings. Therefore, I am scared, I am not going to get any job now. Maybe I should return soon. (I responded sadly)”

“Oh sad, I just forgot to tell you that we found your luggage and all goods the other day. So now you are totally safe. (Mrs. Tiffany was giving me the biggest news of my life very calmly. She probably did not know how important it was for me).”

“Oh really, how come? I mean how did you get it?”

“We did not do it; it was the cop who did”

“Oh great” I took a deep breathe.

“It is in our store room. You can check it as soon as you get done with your breakfast”

“thank you, mam” I bowed my head.

“One more thing, I have spoken to one of my friends for your job, he needed some assistance, you can join him if you want to.”

“Oh wow, thank you madam” My eyes twinkled like stars.

“You are most welcome, Sameer”

Jess kept eating her breakfast silently. She did not take part in our conversation except for frowning at me time and again.


I was very happy that day as life was becoming normal gradually. And it was only possible because of Adam’s mother; she was taking me as his own son which reminded me of my own Nighat and I began to respect her all the more.

but her ill-tempered daughter, Jess was another case. She was turned out to be my most dangerous enemy. And so i was very careful from her.

Basically Jess was not sorry that day. She never meant it. She was irritated by my presence in her house. She never liked me and never wanted me to stay there. And I did not know why.

Sometimes I thought how touchy was she about her room, while some other times, I was forced to think that she was a total disaster, an insane spirit or a spoiled child.

She was an opposite to her mother. The more her mother showed affection for me, the more she developed feelings of hatred. She was extremely possessive in every thing from her room to mother; and from her bed to her kitchen.

Also she could never stand her mother’s attention for me. And I could notice that from her jealous face during my conversation with her mother.

She was always fighting and arguing with her mother against me on trivial things like why did she gave me breakfast, why did she allowed space, room etc.

“What kind she is” I used to think. “Why does she behave like this, what I did?” I had no answer to those questions.

I accept that she was insane and weird but immensely beautiful and immature which is why I never wanted to respond to her negativity.Instead, I was enjoying it.

She tried all her silly tricks to throw me out of her house from throwing water on me, spilling oil on the stairs, preparing bitter coffee, making faces to painting my body red and blue while sleeping; but to no avail. (to be continued…)


2 thoughts on “Between Two Heavens Stays My Love (Part 10)

  1. “Iamsorry”.

    “throwing water on me, spilling oil on the stairs, preparing bitter coffee, making faces to painting my body red and blue while sleeping;”

    That’s hell of a girl.. 🙂 What we call “Original Youth”..

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