Between two heavens stays my love (Part 9)

So rude of you ma..

So rude of you Jess, you should respect him he is a foreigner here.

“Then take him to your room. Who knows he gets up and start stealing my loveliest of lockets, hairbands, makeup and dresses. Asians are like that”

“Oh do not be rude, he is in pain. he might overhear you.” (her mother was trying to calm her down now)


“Oh overhear, WOW, let me shout even more. She shouted out loud,


Stop behaving like a child, Jess. And go away from here.

“Cool wow, so that you would permanently give him my room! Why would I go? Let me get in.”

“Stop it, Jess”

“I hate you mum! I am going, bye!”



There was no noise now. The witch was gone probably. There was no noise but only the murmuring sounds of Jess’s mother, asking help from God about her daughter.

The door opened again and Jess’s mother got in.

“I am Sorry about Jess”

“Oh, no no do not be. I am so sorry rather to trouble you like that. May I ask you why I did you go against your own daughter for me? You do not even know me, right?

“I do not need to know you dear, it is enough for me that you are Adam’s only best friend. I still remember, he stopped talking to us even during his last days but he did not stop talking to you. he did not even tell you that he was fighting against cancer and promised to help settling you here. My son! He was like that. (The lady began crying).”

I am so sorry, Mrs. Tiffany.


The lady impressed me so much. How nice and compassionate was she. But for her daughter, I had no words; she was over-reacting only for her room? Or was she really an “Ardent Hater” of Asians. She was abnormal and totally uncontrollable. I did not like her at all and imagined that she would have been a tall, long-haired, big eye, grumpy-faced, frowning middle-aged woman well-lit with makeup and nothing else to do but fighting. Maybe all European girls were like that, I concluded.


I closed my eyes and tried to sleep for a while again but no sooner than a minute passed when I heard again a big jump and this time, it was a jump directly from the window to my bed. It was that WITCH again.

“I want to kill you, so it is better to leave this house before I really try this out” (she sat on my chest, grabbed my collar and shouted out loud), I saw anger in her eyes as if she were to kill me as she was foaming like a hungry lioness.

And before I could answer anything, her mother interrupted.Untitled

“Are you out of your mind, Jess?”

Seeing her mother running towards us, Jess sneaked out again.

Oh God, this girl is a total headache. Let me close the window pane.

I was still choking and nodding to Mrs. Tiffany. She seemed ashamed of Jess’s behavior with me. But I was laughing at her, although being dangerous, she was really immature, very young in age, very cute by looks and had an amazing personality. Deciding that I must not disturb the family more, I requested Mrs. Tiffany to change my room.

Mrs. Tiffany took a long breath and said,

“Dear it is the best room of my small abode, my room is rather cluttered while attic is not meant for our pets. Moreover, Jess will calm down by evening, do not worry, her first reaction to anything is always like that. Please do not take it too seriously”.

“Alright, Mrs. Tiffany.”

She gave me a drug afterwards which was given to me for a good bed rest. I kept sleeping the whole day and night and woke up the next day.

I saw Mrs. Tiffany greeting me again.

“Time to eat something, dear”

“Thank you, Mrs. Tiffany”.

“How are you feeling now, are you still cold, are you still feeling temperature or headache?”

“Mrs. Tiffany! I am feeling very fresh now, unlike yesterday. Thank you for your care, madam.”

“It’s my job dear, okay get up and have your food now”.

“Yes, of course, Madame. Let me get fresh and join you in 10 minutes.”


There was a woman’s figure on my mind while taking bath. I had a dream about her. She was pretty, slim,well dressed, youthful but immature and unhappy. I could not guess her identity at first. Suddenly, scenes from last night recapped in my mind and I recoganised the face. It was Jessica, the house owner’s daughter, sitting in a chair, wearing a nice black and white frock and a gold bracelet and listening to her mother carefully.

I was intrigued!




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