Story Worth Telling: Journey that changed the Way I Think of Life (Part 10)

“Really, Aamir? Am I really your one and only friend?”

“Yes, I could never imagine becoming friends with someone else. Even you could not make anybody else your friend when you tried. Please do not leave me. I want to be your bestest friend ever, even after your marriage. I would prove to be the best-ever friend to you.”

“Aamir, you know I made up my mind to leave you and now you are asking me to come back and lie down on the same gloomy grave?”

“Please accept me as your friend. I cannot think of leaving you, even now. Please forgive me for my past sins. I know I broke your heart many times, but I really feel bad. I cannot marry you, but I always want to be with you as a good friend.”

“Okay, I have forgiven you and do not put the whole blame on you. It’s not you who is to blame, it’s me.”

“Do not say that, Mariyah. I am very sincere and true to you, but my problem is that my family is from a backward area of Pakistan where we cannot marry anyone outside of family. We are not allowed to, and marriage is, after all, between two families. Please forgive me, Mariyah. I will prove to be a great friend to you in the future.”

“I have no words to utter, Aamir. I just came out from a big depression and now you have come again to throw me into that ditch.”

“Please do not say that, I never wanted it. I am very true to you. Please stop crying and be my friend again.”

“Okay, but from now on do not confuse me.”

“Never, ever, ever!”

Chapter 5: Toward the Conclusion


What happened seven or eight months later?

Let me tell you. It was August 2014 when my sister took me to a “Babaji.”

Maybe you have no concept of Babas. They are saints or spiritual people. There are many kinds of Babas, but most are fake, so it can be hard to tell which are truly spiritual and which are simply showing off through tricks.

Returning to the story, my sister kept insisting that her Baba had supernatural abilities, so I met with him. In her opinion, he could help us find the solutions to our problems. His name was Baba Ata Nazir.

To my surprise, he was not a typical pretentious Baba with a stick in his hand and an over-grown beard, clad in a long green or white robe, wearing no shoes on his feet. Instead, Mr. Nazir was a gentleman with no beard. His clothes smelled amazing. He wore Gucci boots and had a new Apple laptop in front of him.

I was reluctant to talk to him because I could not find words to describe my problem. I was going to tell him some Quranic words, asking that he help rid me of frustrations and gain peace of mind. To my surprise, however, I did not have to tell him anything. He spoke after taking a look at my face.

“Hi Mariyah! So, you have come to ask me for words that can get your love back?’’

What? How did he know that deep down in my heart I actually wanted this?

“Tell me, Mariyah, is it so? Don’t you know that your sister brought you here so that I can help decrease your tension, and instead you are increasing it?”


I could not say much to him.

“Listen, Mariyah! The guy you are still interested in is just not yours. He never was. He has had a lot of girlfriends and to him, you are just another girl whom he loves to talk to. Nothing else. Why are you dying for him?”

“No sir, I am not dying for him. We are just friends.”

“No, no, no, my child, do not lie to me in the least. You guys are not just friends and you never can be. So either insist that he marry you or leave him.”

What did that Baba just say? It was devastating, totally devastating!

It broke me apart, but why rely on Baba only? Maybe he was lying. Maybe Anna told him my story beforehand and he was just trying to help her. Maybe Baba misunderstood.

I spoke to Aamir and he was shocked to hear about Baba’s abilities. I never knew the name of Aamir’s former girlfriend and I didn’t know their whole story, but what Baba had told me was true. Aamir confessed to it but mentioned that no matter how many relationships he had and how serious they were, his past had passed. There was nobody in his life other than me. I was happy about this, so we decided to meet soon. He asked me to help him arrange money for his two-day trip to the United Arab Emirates. We would roam around each and every corner and have fun.

In November 2014, he arrived at the airport and messaged me to meet him. My cousin’s family was also arriving from Pakistan that day. I had to choose between the two, and yes, of course, I chose real relations over fake ones. I ditched everyone else and went straight to him. After all, he was my only “best” friend.

We roamed here and there. We ate pizza, watched the latest blockbuster movie, went shopping, and, in the end, exchanged love tokens and emotionally said goodbye to each other.


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