Story Worth Telling: Journey that Changed the Way I think of Life (Last part)

  Story of a worthless relationship in a worthy manner one-man-two-women-silhouette

Neither of us wanted to leave, as time had passed so quickly. I asked Aamir for a picture together but he denied my request, saying, oddly, “Girl! You will blackmail me with it.”

By the way, he took a lot of photos of me instead.

His friendship was strange. Sometimes he was cold, sometimes warm. Sometimes he was kind, sometimes he was rude. Sometimes he was overly emotional, sometimes he was totally impassive.

He was too nice to me that day. I was surprised to realize that he was trying to be romantic as well. I could not believe it. He was praising me a lot (and he never praised me like that).

“Oh man, Mariyah! You are a sweetheart. Your eyes, this light pink lip color, your hair, your black frock, matching shoes, matching purse, matching accessories. Oh man! You are breathtaking today. You look so beautiful, you look so damn hot, man!”

He was holding my hand, whispering sweet things into my ears, trying to touch me every now and then and insisting that we hug every minute. Was that friendship?

Maybe we had entered into a complicated relationship status or maybe it was the end of everything!

All December he praised me: my hair, my lips, my hands, my feet, my dress, my makeup, my nail polish. He talked about nothing else but me.

It was a sudden shift, as he had never praised me to this extent before. In our conversations he also promised to never, ever leave me alone.

December 31, 2014

I was checking my messages online when I saw an ID from a girl on Aamir’s side. I was happy to see this because it confirmed that she was one of his cousins, a girl I had always wanted to talk to. (I wanted to learn her opinion of him.)


“Hey, too.”

“May I know you, Mam?”

“I am sorry, I do not talk to strangers.”

“But I am not a stranger. I know you through Aamir, your cousin.”

“Oh, how? How do you know him?”

“He is my friend.”

“How? He can never make a girlfriend. He does not even see girls, but me.”

“Okay, okay, but you do not know too much about me, so do not say it. How did you find him, by the way?”

“Oh! He is the greatest man on the face of the earth. I have never seen such a man like Aamir.”

“Really? Are you guys engaged?”

“Yup, he is my fiancé and husband-to-be. We are getting married soon.”

“What? Really? Oh my God! He did not tell me. Now where is my treat? Let me ask him. Bye.”

Oh my gosh! What just happened? Aamir is engaged and I do not even know?

He should have told me, even as a friend. Why did he hide everything? Strange.

Let me call him.

I dialed Aamir and when I asked him about the situation, he replied, “No, I am not. Who said this? Somebody just tried to fool you, Mariyah.”

“It was Ayesha A, from your family.” Was she lying?

“…How do you know her? Where did you find her? Why did you talk to her?”

“So, you guys are married.”

“Yes, what is your problem? Did I ever promise to marry you? Or did I ever show interest in you?”

“Okay, I agree, you never promised anything, but why did you not tell me? After all, I am your best friend.”

“It is my personal matter, Mariyah. Why would I tell you everything? Now tell me, how did you find her and did you tell everything about us?”

“I just bumped into her accidently and I did not tell her that we have been together for about 10 years. She was saying that you are the best man she has ever met and that you had never had a girlfriend. How ironic, Aamir. She does not know how deep our relationship had been?”

“Stop it, you bitch, hellcat, shrewd woman, you daughter of a slut! Another thing…why do you interfere in my personal matters? Why do you not stop poking your nose into my matters, bitch? Never, ever, ever try to call or message me and do not allow me to come back in case you try to reconcile again. I was never, ever interested in you, slut.”

Everything Topsy-turvy. Pause.


The one who had been a sweetheart just a day before had turned into a hellcat, and not only that, but her mother too. How sincere my love was with me!

Ruinous. I could never have imagined that things would work out like this. Babaji, Gul, my father, Anna, all my other friends were right. I was wrong!

There was no reason to fall into a pit of depression for him. There was no reason to love him in the guise of friendship, to show compassion for him, to reconcile with him every now and then. He was never true.

“Now what do you want?” I asked myself.

Do I want to spend my whole life cursing him, or do I want to talk to him again to conclude this? But he won’t talk to me now and if I tried again, he would start abusing me. What to do? He abused my mother. I cannot let him go like this, no matter what.

I went back to Ayesha; she was still online.

“Ayesha! Aamir and I had been together for 10 years. We were lovers in the beginning but became friends afterward. You said that he had never seen a woman, but I tell you that he had met me many times in Dubai.”

“Do you have anything to prove it?”

“Proof? No Dear, I have no proof, maybe because I never knew he was ditching me, so I never tried to keep proof against him.”

“Then stop defaming my ‘respectful’ fiancé.”



This is strange. If you do something wrong but are undercover, you are considered respectful, but if you get caught, society disrespects you. I am the reason for Aamir’s disrespect, so he has gone, but we remained together for 10 years. He had plans to keep me as a friend for years.

And yes, there was one last message from him, one I received on December 31, 2014. He pleaded with me to stop telling each and every thing to Ayesha. He also apologized for our entire relationship. He wrote, “Sorry, it was a mistake.”

It is said that December 31 is the last day of the year. In my case, this is incorrect. It became the last day of my 10-year friendship as well.

Good or bad? I leave that to God!





16 thoughts on “Story Worth Telling: Journey that Changed the Way I think of Life (Last part)

  1. I’ve been surfing on-line more than 3 hours these days, yet I
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  2. First of all, the guy wasn’t attached. He was just playing. The girl was…
    Secondly, he proved himself to be a villn by hiding his relationship with his fiance for six months.
    Thirdly, he abused her like hell in the end when his secret was opened…I think readers can clearly understand his intentions NOW


    • Hmm…you have a good point. Actually the story was written a year ago and it was my first attempt. So loopholes were possible….it’s fiction so I don’t want to drag it more….I hope i’ll improve my work next time. Thanks for your valuable feedback guys 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • Dear Adeel! Thanks for your in-depth analysis about the main characters. And i don’ think so the antagonist deserves importance anymore. Why should i write about a person enjoying life with another person, forgetting about a crazy woman, madly in love with him for years…in fact, it was not him who was attached for so long….it was the Girl who dragged their relationship, only hoping to have his hand forever!
      And Remember that:
      The girl confesses that she was crazy about “him” and that was her biggest fault. And that the guy confesses, “he was never interested”.


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