My Cinnamon Spirit

My Cinnamon Spirit

Brown eyes, brown hair, fair skin and a nice figure; nature gave me everything but no voice. I was a mute kid and that was the reason many people ignored me in life. They used to call me “Cinnamon” which can only be smelt nothing elseTV BLOG Weeds.

My mom and dad helped me a lot in life so that i could lead a normal life. My papa never accepted me as an abnormal kid, he fought with the school principal for not admitting me in the normal class. My problem however was, i was afraid of people. I could not stand them. I always thought they are laughing on me.

And it was very likely because I also had problem in hearing them from one ear. I could not understand a person talking in front on me unless i see their lips moving. As a result, most people were irritated while talking to me. They had to repeat a word many times. My class fellows used to mock me a lot and so did my cousins. I was a toy for them because they talk to me when they wanted to have some fun; otherwise, I used to sit in a corner, quiet & mute!download

Days became months and months flipped into years. Time flew and I grew up into a young, pretty girl. I wanted to fly, i wanted to talk, chat with people, understand what they say…..and share my inner feelings.But to no avail. There was nobody near me except for my younger sister.

One day i heard a family is coming to meet with me. They were from London and one of papa’s very fast friends. Their son was my age and his a sky boy. His father wanted him to marry me.

“Get Ready”
“Get Ready” My sister said something, but i could grab it. then she touched her shirt, then pointed to her cupboard to let me understand what she wanted to say.
“Okay” I nodded my head positively.

I did not know what feeling that was but it was something making me over the moon. A guy coming for me, when nobody wants to speak to me. Surely, my life will be changed soon. I thought while choosing the best blue and white chiffon shirt and jeans for me. I also made a nice braid and applied my favorite lip color. I wanted to look the best.

My sister entered the room and winked. It was the sign that i was looking nice.
I bowed my head in return.
She was wearing a slipper, a casual top with floral pajamas. I asked why was that. And she answered that she does not like getting ready for people. She was in a leisure mood that day. Soon the maid announced that the guests had arrived and we were supposed to go in the dining room. My heart throbbed like hell as if it was falling down.

“Yahooo!” My younger sister read my facial impressions and gave a thumbs up sign. I smiled at her.

We entered the main lobby and then to the left where our guests were waiting. Papa was already their chatting with them. We also joined him and ate our dinner together. They were very loving and impressive family of four: two brothers and parents. The boy was tall, well dressed and a fair man with something very beautiful in his eyes. His mother and father liked me a lot and did not treat me like other people used to do.

It was for the first time i felt myself being a normal, female human being with lots of love emotions. i was very positive about the meeting and in fact, was planning in mind for the marriage ceremony.
“I would buy the white net maxi i had seen in Alan’s wedding. That would look awesome on me” i thought in the mirror.” And a pure pearl tiara with dangling ear rings, yes, that would look perfect”

Soon my Cinnamon smell would be gone and people would start taking me as a normal human being who could lead a normal life like other girls of my age. I was constantly thinking.

It became difficult for me to pass days and wait for their reply. I was counting them on daily basis. 16 days passed away but there was no reply. My tension begun to increase. “I could call the guy, if only i could talk” I thought.

I tried to ask my younger sister but she also had no idea. Papa was also very busy to disclose anything. One month passed in confusion and the then another month.

One day I read an SMS from my sister’s phone. “Dear, I am only interested in you, not in your sister, please agree that I have chosen you, she is not my kind, after all, a normal man with a by birth mute and hearing impaired girl is “Not” a match. She could only be talk to for a while that is it.

From that day, I understood why people used to call me “Cinnamon”.



2 thoughts on “My Cinnamon Spirit

  1. Wow…… Bohat hi aala….

    Last line contains so much, so much, that it can’t be weighed, described or counted…

    This is a beautiful piece of writing….. Amongst your best.


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