Between two heavens stays my love (Episode 8)

I do not know what happened afterwards, my eyes were closed and my mind was not working. I remember to fall off or slip down only.

I woke up the next day at a nice, comfortable place; I did not know what it was all about but Itwas quite exquisite and well-decorated (although, all décor was revolving around Barbie, Teddy Bears and mermaid). There were flowers in red around me and a smell of some yummy dish was arriving from the room, next to mine. After sometime, I saw someone moving from that room in grumpy style.

It was a woman’s figure, wearing a long big brown frock. She resembled a Gothic creature with long hair spread all over her shoulders and size no less than 110 pounds. Her age would be around 50 to 55 yet her strange features were making her look older than her age, (Although I called her “Fatty” in awe, instead of “Aunty” in the first meeting, yet she was smiling, that reminded me of Nighat so much)

“Madams fatty, where am I? Who are you?” she smiled but did not say anything.

I began shouting out loud but she was probably not listening now. I was trying to recall her face, I had seen her somewhere probably but I was still in doubt.

“How I came here? Who is she? What I am going to do?”

My mind started working again; I was recalling of all the happenings of the previous day, I was guessing about everything, the hunger, the rain, the road, the cave, the horrible fight, my documents…everything was moving like a film in front of my eyes.

Life had been very harsh I had never imagined. I had no idea what was going to happen next. May be I would never get a job and so the owners of this place throw me out. What to do I was so shocked. I had no idea what was to happen. Maybe all European women were like that. Harsh, selfish and uncompassionate.

Somebody interrupted in my thinking process

“Hola Sameer!”

The woman greeted me, smilingly.


How did she know my name? European magic! I replied myself.

She tried to answer me but before she could utter anything, somebody started shouting in anger, I was not sure what was happening outside but there was a big explosion as if glasses or other utensils are thrown on floor. Somebody yelled at the top of their voice.

Mum…mum…. Where are you?

The woman got a little nervous and shut my door and disappeared on the call, saying,

Coming sweetie?

My mind started bogging again, what kind of sweetie was that? A harsh and hard sweetie. What was happening outside?

I tried to get up but could not, so I was only able to listen to their conversation.

I told you not to shift my room, why did you do that?

Yes, from now on you would share room with me.

What?  You know I do not like it. (The voice became graver)

“We have a guest dear, Jess”

“Aha! Asian Guest” (she said sarcastically)

“Enough, Jess, no more arguments.” (The older lady given verdict)

“Never…Never…how come you mummy and how could you?” (The younger voice become emotional)

“Why did you bring him here, how could you believe an Asian?”

“He is your dead brother’s friend and is in severe need.”

“Need or Drama…these Asians can pose anything. Needy people cannot buy airplane tickets, okay.

Jessy, donot be rude, Adam requested me to help him in any case on his deathbed, and I cannot back away from my pledge with him.

“Then why do not you take him in your room?”


She was banging the door now, how hateful she was about Asians.

“Okay just stop it now. You know, we are short of place and in my room there is a lot of medicine smell”

“So, you want me to smell it now, Yak”

“Jess, behave, he is your guest”

Excuse me, not my guest, okay!

Alright, so, it’s my guest and it’s my house, so he is going to live in YOUR room, understand.


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