My Life in Bits & Pieces (3)

They entered a small but well furnished suite that was full of red roses and jasmines. It had black and white wallpaper, a black sofa and white net curtains and a huge portrait of cupid sitting with an angel in the room. The  smell of roses and jasmine was refreshing their minds. And slow music was making their night more romantic.

Zakir and Sarah ordered ice cream and then watched a movie together. They were holding each other’s hand and Zakir was caressing her long hair slowing. They kept chatting the entire night. They made many promises for not leaving each other….for not being unfaithful…for being truthful forever.

Life had become so generous to them. They could never think that their hardships could ever vanish away in a day with each other. They could never imagine that their life would ever reward them with a great spouse.

The next day, they got up late. Zakir decided to take Sarah to the best place in Islamabad. He loved that place for its serenity, peace and beauty. It was in the middle of Margalla Hills and Zakir used to come there quite often whenever he wanted a break from life. It was called Bruti.

Sarah took long to dress up, wear make and make a nice braid which made Zakir anxious.

“Come on Sarah, we are getting late”

“Just coming dear. Please give me two minutes” She wanted to soothe her man.

She took thirty more minutes however but for Zakir it was fine as she looked totally a chic in end.

“O man! you look wonderful in this green shirt and matching sharara (dress name). Your prep was definitely worth the wait” He smiled making his women shy.

They entered Islamabad in twenty minutes. And then they headed towards Bari Imam shrine.

“Ain’t we going to Bruti?” Sarah enquired.

“We are dear, to reach Bruti, we shall park our car outside the famous shrine and then walk for at least an hour or so towards the Margalla hills.” He disclosed.

“What? She got shocked at the news. “Why did not you tell me before, you know I am wearing a sharara, what if i fall down there?” she complained.

“I would not let you, honey” Zakir replied romantically.


Bruti was a hidden beauty of Islamabad but totally a worth watching site. Sarah really enjoyed visiting it. There was pour, clean blue water from the hills, lush green plants and a plethora of flower variety that welcomed the couple.

Zakir took his shirt off and jumped in the fresh, cool water. He invited Sarah with her but she smiled only as it was a taboo for females to swim in open places.

“Come on jump in” Zakir insisted.

“Gosh…I cannot” she replied shyly.

“Please come, This place is making me totally crazy. There is nobody and i wanna hold you right now.” Zakir was excited.

“ha ha…no” Her cheeks went red as she replied.


It was the fifth day of their wedding and they were going for a dinner arranged by one of Sarah’s best friend in their honor. Zakir was taking a bath when the door bell of their small newly bought flat rung.

“Yes, who’s there” Sarah got out from bed and asked.

“Postman, ma’m” a man replied.

“Yes, whose mail is this?” She asked by opening the door.

“It is from Miss Azra Zakir”

(to be continued…)





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