Between two heavens stays my love (Episode 6)

He was too hard to be soothed that way so I also changed my seat to took a break. I had great plans ahead about my new life. I was happy to meet with David, the guy helping me for no reason. I was too excited to land but things went wrong when I reached there.

“David…I am here, I have your address but pick up the call so that I can guide the cab driver about the exact location”

There was no response. PAUSE.

On reaching his home, I saw people all clad in black and some of them were crying like anything.

“What happened? Is this David’s place?” I inquired a passer-by.

“Yes, his funeral is ready!”

“What? Are you kidding me?”

“He expired today.”

I was shocked but could not go back. I was broke.

“What will you do, Sam?” I asked myself. “It’s not the right time to go get in, meet and condole with him family, I do not know anybody, they are crying like hell. I decided to meet them later.

“Where should I go?” I asked nature. It did not reply me so I started walking the where the way was taking me.

I found an inn but it seemed to be expensive one, so I kept walking unless I reached a place where spending night with dinner was really cheap. It was a blessing for me. I did not mind its unpleasant structure, stinky quilts, low or no light arrangements, it was a place to live for a while and so I was more than happy!

I could pass three days over there. I called my Nighat back home.

“Where did you go, my prince? Do you know how much your mother misses you?”

“Yep, and I miss you too, mum. Could you please send me some money I need it, I will return you soon.”

“Prince, I do not have any money, but give me some days to arrange it.”

“Sure babe. But do send me some okay.”

“Take care”

“Shame on you, Sam. You have become a cheap beggar now. Do something, do search for a job. Do something before the end of remaining money now.” These were the utter-frustration days.

I began searching for some instant job with accommodation but nobody was ready to give me job in an instant in a foreign land. My money ended and I began spending days in parks or churches and nights in an under-constructed building or a junkyard near the seashore.

I was drinking water more becausebuying food was not possible for me. My money ended soon after a week, though I tried to stretch it for a while and to make things worse, my condition started resembling like a beggar which was why nobody trusted me.

I had been going to the church daily to ask God what if my friend would not have died just the day of my arrival, what if my job did not collapse like that, what if my former employer

had not cheated me.


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