Story Worth Telling:Journey that changed The way I think of life (part 6)

Till that point, the first time since we met online, Aamir showed interest in meeting with me in person. He was coming to Dubai for a while and wanted me to meet up with him. What else could I want? However, one thing was bothering me—would I be meeting him as a friend or as a lover?

Would the meeting be a good idea? Would it be safe?

I was confused, so finally I called him back and told him clearly that we would meet in a safe environment “as friends only.”

In countries like ours, meet-ups are not so easy. Nobody likes them, yet we all do it, so I went to meet him, fully covered in hijab. My mind was working like a machine. I had prepared myself not to expect a lot from him, not to expect “special treatment.” I would just go, sit with him in a restaurant, have a cup of coffee, and come back. Nothing about the scenario would harm me. But what happened was quite surprising.


Chapter 3: The Meetings


I rushed to the place where he asked to meet. When I reached the address, it was not a café but a proper apartment. Now I could not go back. What to do?

Should I leave? Should I call the brat and abuse him? Should I stop and call him out? Or should I go inside and see what was happening?

I decided to go inside. Aamir was there, and to my surprise, my friend of five years was not introducing me as though I were a friend, but as though we were lovers. It shocked me, but also gave me immense joy. His actions showed he was really into me. I was no longer confused. He liked me and was treating me as though I was his girlfriend. What else did I want?

I was so happy to meet him, but the best thing was that he was more happy to meet me. Was this a dream? There was only one bad thing about the situation, and that was the time of his flight. I could meet him for only an hour or so, but it was awesome.

Our first meeting cleared much confusion from my mind. I had begun to think that he had never been interested in me, had never wanted to marry me, and had never loved me. That day, all those negative feelings disappeared.


Unfortunately, Aamir’s attitude didn’t last. As soon as he was back home, he changed again. He went back to beating the “friend only” bush. He even began insisting that I marry some other guy, because he himself regarded me as only a friend.



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