My life in bits and pieces (2)

To spend their first night, the couple moved to Murree that was an extremely amazing tourist attraction in Islamabad. It was a hilly area all covered with huge trees, beautiful meadows and evergreen plants. The Murree hills were highly reputed for their snowfall and unexpected dribbles. And the fall season was the best to visit the place full of worth watching scenes and landscapes.

Clouds were floating on the treetops when the couple hit the mall of Murree. There were birds, cute little rabbits and white peacocks dancing on the hillocks as if they were welcoming them. The lush green grass patches were adding more color to the place. She felt as her husband had brought her to the heaven.

“Oh that is such a wonderful scenery. There are lavender flowers, roses, jasmines and lilies. And we can see entire Islamabad city from the railing.” She said enthusiastically by leaning on the roadside fence.

“I always liked this place but today it has become more beautiful with you. Love changes everything.” Zakir’s voice was soaked in love.

“No doubt, Murree is the Queen of Mountains” Sarah said.

“Yes and it is probably one of the best places on the face of earth” Zakir informed by holding her hand.


After dinner they decided to go to their hotel room. But the place was too attractive and nice that they could not resist it.

“You know i am very happy to find such a loving husband like you” She confessed shyly.

“All thanks to heavens” Zakir added. He grabbed her from the waist.

“At last our love conquered all the hurdles and difficulties. It is only because of you” Sarah showed her thankfulness.

“No, it is because you had blind faith in me”

“I always had as you were the nicest man i had ever seen on the face of earth” She said while entering the hotel building.

“Let us take rest and restore energy for tomorrow” Zakir said and took her to the room.

(To be continued…)



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