Story Worth Telling:Journey that changed The way I think of life (part 3)

Eventually, we became so used to each other that we were chatting daily, without a break. One day he asked me for my cell number, which boosted our level of communication.

I felt really good. Aamir was a decent man and we were really frank with each other, so new communication horizons were unfolding. We no longer confined ourselves to online chatting or messaging. So many forms of media were available for us to contact each other—Orkut, Zorpia, Skype, Viber, Whatsapp, etc. Now we could connect any time. It was like he was surrounding me.

What to expect then?

One day Aamir called and proposed to me. It was kind of a shock. I liked him so much, but we were far apart. He was Lahore-based while we had moved to Dubai for good. Also, his caste and mine were very different. However, I didn’t want to miss this opportunity. He was my only reliable friend. After all, what else had I prayed for?

Let us skip this indulgence phase; I know you guys have a good idea about what happened afterward. Obviously, we acted like all other lovebirds do, sending love messages, promising to live with each other forever and to never deceive one another. This romance and courtship phase did not last long. It lasted a month and a half. Period.

You must be thinking, what happened after that?

He gave me a call and said, “I take back my words. I cannot get along with you anymore.”


It was shocking. I had never imagined that “such a man” would say this to me. I asked several times for the reason behind his change of heart. I asked why he was doing this, but there was a loud and clear “pause.”

He blocked me everywhere; all his IDs and numbers stopped working. He was nowhere to be found. I could not locate him. None of his friend knew what had happened to him. He did not tell anybody about anything. I felt like I was dying. I relied upon him and, with his consent, had even told my family about our relationship.

And he backed away like this?

I could not live without him. I was not ready for this shock. I tried to reach him many times that night but received no response. I was already losing my senses. What else would you expect me to do?

I kept crying that night, thinking of reasons why he would leave. There must be a reason. He could have told me at least. We had become really good chums. Was I lacking in something? Did I make a mistake? Did I break his heart somehow?


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