My life…in bits & pieces

It was a pleasant summer evening. There were lots of fish swimming in water that day, birds chirpping on trees and flowers glowing with happiness.Clouds were hovering the sky unlike the hot noon hours and the western breeze had turned the scrotching sunny day into a cool, refreshing merrymaking one.

At least, it was merry time for a newly wedded couple, who were stopping by to the city’s famous photo studio. The girl was wearing lehenga choli (dress name) and a long gota-kinari (a special eastern embroidery) dupatta with chunky necklace, headband, lots of bangles, rings and earrings. She used dark red lipstick and fancy makeup to match with her dress as per their tradition; her hands were red with hinna and her cheeks blushing with joy; while the groom was wearing a simple white salwar kameez (dress name) with traditional black wasket. He was a tall, handsome man and his lady was equally his match.

They entered a small, dark room in the basement of the city plaza. Zakir opened door for her and went back to lock the car. The room had a teal blue background with a golden sun shaped classic mirror; while its side wall had a row of photographs of young women, children and men. There was a small metal chair laying to her one side and a small dressing table to the other with photo of a beautiful couple.She admired the artist and adjusted her long dupatta on her shoulders. The photographer was ready to take her picture. He said, “Say Cheese” as she looked at the standing camera to her front.

He was asked to take as many pictures of her as he could. Because Zakir was immensely that day. And why would not he. After all, it was his wedding day and he wanted to please his spouse. He entered the room and appreciated the photographer for his artistry. He stood with his wife and requested to capture more photos of them as he wanted to catch each moment of their big day without leaving anyone.

Sarah also had the same feelings. She also wanted the same on that day to make it extraordinary and unforgettable.

It was the first time in her life that she was breathing fully like a free spirit. It was the first time that she had felt the real joy of life. And it was the first day that she felt released from the stresses, tensions and pressures of her unhappy life.

“Wedding day is a blessing indeed” she said to herself. “And especially when you are marrying to the person of your like”. She thought.

Zakir was her first cousin and neighbor. He begun liking her from the day one when she arrived with her family in their street. She was a 17 year old girl at that time and Zakir, a 25 year young guy. He was an independent man so, he did not take time in asking about her hand from Sarah’s mother. And soon after sometime, the couple got married in a very simple personal ceremony. There was only Sarah’s family, Zakir and two of his best friends who attended it as Zakir’s family boycotted it utterly. For them, Sarah was not a match. She was poor, had no status, short and less attractive than the girl they had chosen for Zakir. (to be continued)



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