Between Two Heavens Stays My Love (Episode 5)

My heart was waning already but I never wanted to show this up to my mum.It might be our last romantic evening  Nighat!” (I decided to dedicate that evening to my loveliest companion, my Nighat)

We spent the entire evening together, forgetting about our future, ignoring our past and moving on with the present, step by step. Both were scared of separation, both were upset from inside, both were extremely emotional; yet we did not show it to each other.

We were just living in our present; grabbing it from running away elsewhere. I planned to act like a grown up for her but she had another plan; she became a friend, a teenager, a chum, a rosy-cheeked girlfriend that day.

“Why do not you say something boy ? Are you gonna order or you want your “beautiful mum” to order it?”

“Yes Madam! Why do not you order it, menu is with you, waitress is here what else are we waiting for?

“Okay. Please bring me some soda and fries. This is all I want today”

“Mum, fries only?” (I asked her in surprise)

“Yup, fries only with some soda…I like it and what about you, babe? Do not expect me to share my stuff with you, I would not. My fries are my fries!”

“Okay, let’s party with fries today.”

“Yeah…that’s my boy. Going to a super-class five star hotel and buying the cheapest thing is the real fun indeed. Learn something from me.”

“Ha ha ha you are a true, super lady today, Mum!”

“Sam, when will you come back for marriage?”

“For marriage? …who is marrying, mum?”(Marriage was mum’s favorite topic, I knew so I tried to tease her)

“What do you mean? You are grown up now, go get a princess, Sam! If not for you, for me at least.” (I never understood why she wanted my wife for her…maybe mum’s are this excited)

“No, Nighat, I have never found the right girl for me as yet.”

“Oh you are planning to bring a princess from Europe?”

“Ahh mum, when did I say that…”

“No, I feel like you want to go there as Europeans are cute”

“Nopes, Nighat! European women are ditchers. I will never marry them, do not you worry.”

“Okay, it means I can keep my Princess Hunt going!”

“Aw…okay Nighat, if you want it to. But let me settle down first”

“Yep Prince”

The entire evening spent in a blink, we did not know when we started off and where it ended. We had fries in a big hotel, danced in the small streets, raced with swift cars, drove bike like airplane, sang songs in the busiest roads and slept under a bench for no reason. We were acting like crazy but it does not matter since this was life all about!

The next day was really weird so I decided to escape the harsher moments and went to the airport without telling Nighat. I did not want to see her cry and in four hours I was reaching my destination.

“ Bye Nighat…I forgot to tell you that my flight was right in the morning” I sent her a message with a wink.

It was a cheap and uneasy flight. I was not very comfortable in it so that distance seemed longer. Moreover, my seat was with a blond mother with her cranky kid.

“I want ice cream, Mama”

“You already had it, sweetheart.”

“I want another helping…”

“No, the air crew does not allow it.”

“I want it…I want it…I want it…I want it…” (The kid began eating my head instead of the ice cream. His mother changed her seat leaving him to me.)

“Okay, we get you the ice cream.”

Thank God, the kid was calming down. He finished it in a minute and said,

“I want ice cream”


“Yes, more and more and more…”

“The plane is short of ice cream, kid. Go to sleep now”

“I want more, I want more…” he was insisting.


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