Between two heavens stays my love (Episode 4)

“Everything alright Dav? You seem a little uneasy or sick?”

“Oh no, no dear… I am perfectly fine. Nothing happened to me, you tell me whatsup bro, how is office at your place and how is your hot, creamy, devilish boss?”

“Yes, everything good here. Actually, I am looking for settling at your place and need a sponsor but there is nobody in my acquaintance than you, who could do that.” I was feeling like an ass to ask for help from my long-distance friend like that. But I was really upset. I was thinking he would not bother about it; his voice was also very dim and slow as if he was sleeping or not very easy to talk. After all, we were only co-workers from the past. But I got a positive answer from him.

“Yes, sure my friend you should definitely come here, meet up, live with me and we can do business together. You are a genius person and I will be more than happy to settle you here.”

Oh…Thank you so much, David. I love you for this favor. I was really happy to see his response. “Okay, I let you know when I am coming.

“Yes, do keep in touch dear and I will send you my address to reach me as I may not be at home to pick you up from the airport.”

“Yes, sure David, see you.”

Soon after some days, I got done with all the arrangements and told mum that I was leaving.

“Are you going today?” she was frowning like an angry cat.

“No, Nighat. I am going tomorrow.”(I said in a jolly mood)

“You are going tomorrow…? Why did not you tell me before? I had to plan a party, I had to get you a surprise, I had to ……..”

“Oh come on Nighat…why you freaking out because you have thought to freak out at me today. You already knew I am going soon, and I am not going TODAY, I am going TOMORROW.”

“…Okay I got it, you do not take me as your mother anymore. I brought you up, I raised you, I washed your dirty bum when you were just nothing and today, I have no worth…”

“Did I say that, mum?”

“…but you mean it, right. See you are getting ready to go out with your friends, leaving your mother alone at home.”

“Oh Gosh…you were overhearing my conversation with friends.”

“Yes and what are good mothers all about?” (She was saying proudly)

“Awwww…Nighat…you are so bad. Okay, why do not you go with us? This maybe our last outing over here let us grab these moments and save them in our memories forever.”

“No, Mums never go with babies.”

“Who says that? Is it written somewhere or what? I do not believe in such things, if you really love me, you have to go now”


“Okay Nighat, do not worry I am not going to meet you again.”(I started frowning and rolling my eyes)

“Awww…Baby…No wait, I am coming…Let me be ready please.” (It was really easy to blackmail her)

“And do not forget to wear the red suit I brought you on Valentine’s Day, it looks awesome with you. I want to see a hot mum today.”

“ha ha ha you mischievous spirit…you want your mum to look like a fancy doll among your friends?”

“Friends? No friends coming now…Just you and I.”


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