Between to heavens stays our love (Episode 3)

Investing was very risky due to the recession and bad market situation of my country, so I decide to move away. But it was also not very easy. I needed lots of money not only for going but also for settling up there.

“Mum, do you have some money with you? I really need it?”

“Why dear, what happened? Did you find a girl at last?”

“Ah mum please… I am very frustrated already.”

“Why my prince, getting a girl is not a bad thing at all. See it is my greatest dream to see you in groom’s dress, dress a girl for you, dance till morning at your wedding night, prepare my favorite “Barfi” for the couple’s breakfast….and….and…and….”

“Oh mum cut it now…please…please… I need money to settle abroad. “I kept requesting but she did not. She was not. She had magnificent dreams for me but her most magnificent dream about me was brining a “princess” for me.  But life has some other decision for me.

Mum gave me some money and with that I did all the arrangements like getting passport and ticket but what about settling over there? Where would I go, stay, live with peanuts in my pocket?

I had no one who could help me outside my native land. All my siblings, relatives and friends were living in the same city with me.

“What will you do now?”

“I do not know, Mum.”

“Listen, do not go. What will you do there? Who will prepare breakfast for you, who will wash your dirty pajamas, who will watch emotional movies with me…?”

“Mum………” she was startled again. And now she was ready to cry. I cuddled her tightly and tried to sooth her but to stop her I had to start fighting.

“Okay stop it Mum, do not be a drama queen else I will start calling you with your name (she never liked it), are you stopping or….ONE….

She was still not stopping. TWO…

Drama Queen Stop please…Not stopping…okay I am going to count…TH….THR…THREE

“Nighat! Stop it.” And she began laughing with tears.

“Okay, do whatever you want, Sam. Leave Nighat alone here; leave her to rot in here without you or your princess forever.”

Okay, I will leave complaining Nighat here and call the happy, jolly, caring and loving mother with me, and then we will leave together there and do not be jealous from us at that time. I teased her. Ha ha ha…

God’s help definitely arrive if your intentions are clear. He helped me during the darkest of my hours through paving my way abroad with the help of an old friend, David.

“Hey, Dav!

I am writing to you to a favor. I am very sorry to bother you but I really need it. Can I call you?” I sent an instant message.

“Yes,  sure. Please call me after an hour I am seeing my doctor right now.”

It was really hard to wait for that hour, so with the ticking of clock to 10 I called him back.

“Hey David!”

“Hey, Samy. How are you dude?”


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