Between two heavens stays our love (Episode 2)

“Okay, Madams. I will.”

“Thank you dear.”

Being talented and exceptionally creative, I took it as a challenge and worked hard for day and night for the production of an outclass result. I faced a lot of pains for her project as there were many hurdles in making the software of her like. However, I overcame all the troubles and delivered my work even before time.

“Can I come in Madams?”

“Yes please, how are you Sameer. Why do you look so exhausted, your eyes are blood red today?”

“I did not sleep for the last two days, but I am just fine and your project is just done.”

“Really? Are you kidding me? How come you do that in time? Maybe there are mistakes, show me please.” She said in a surprised but discouraging tone.

“No, there are no mistakes or cut-paste things involved. This is totally a new and unique work. I need to give you a presentation on this so could you please take out some time for it.”

“Yes, sure I am coming with you.”

After the presentation, she was shocked, awestruck, and overjoyed at this through expressions, however she just said

“Good” and went to her room.

“Gosh…how selfish is she, you worked day and night for her and she is not even thanking me. Anyways, it is alright. She has promised me a recommendation, what else do I want? I was talking to myself after handing over my work to her.”

Three days passed after it, thirteen and then three months. There was no feedback or promotion, bonus, new job offer from the headquarters. I was quite baffled.

“May I come in, Madams?”

“No, actually I am very busy today.”

“Oh okay. Thanks”

This became her routine, I had been going to her from time to time but she was rather ignoring me. I had heard about her selfish reputation but she had promised me. I was thinking to ask her straight away one day when I bumped into an old forwarded email accidently.

“Dear Mr. Jamarr!

Thank you for your appreciation for the software I just developed. I took a lot of pains to develop it. Although, it is not nice to say but I always day the truth so let me tell you the team over here in Asia is not this advanced to handle such tricky works so, I cannot recommend you a great employee from here. However, I show my willingness to accept this job for the benefit of our organization.

With Best Regards,

Sarah Marshall ”

Alas! I was speechless. I never expected it would happen. I wanted to sue her, hit her, bump her head with the car, curse and abuse her to the peak but it was not my way to react. My preferences list had “piece of mind” on the top so I decided to remain silent and leave her job there and then. Also, I lost interest in her job. It was quite hectic and without any reward or appreciation. So, next day my resignation reached her and she accepted it without being bothered.

I had nothing else with me but a small amount to invest in somewhere or go abroad.

Investing or going abroad?

(to be continued…)


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