Top 5 Ways to Rid from Facebook Addiction

Today Facebook has probably become an essential part of our lives. For example, we get up and the first thing to check on our smartphone is our FB account, its raining and instead of dancing in it we choose to take its photos to share on facebook etc. We love to remain active all day long on it rather than at work (this happens with me :). We don’t like share our emotions or feelings with our family and friends  as we do share them on facebook.

It is a good hobby but it is not good to those who become addicts to it. Because access of anything is harmful.

Here are the top 5 ways to it.

1- Get Busy

Most of the time, we start using facebook when free. And those who remain free become addicts to using it. So, the first and foremost thing is to get busy. Try to spend your free time in going out, call your best friend, arrange a dinner party, put on makeup (to girls), cook something or anything you like.

Delete the facebook app you have downloaded in your smartphone or tab. I won’t advise you to deactivate your account in the start as this won’t be helpful if you are so much into it. Deactivate it when you are ready.

2- Replace your Habit with another (better one)

As mentioned before, start another thing you like to do. You are in habit of using fb, right. Kill this disastrous habit by making another better one, for instance start surfing for new stuff online, try to learn something online through tutorials such as origami, Photoshop or video editing; or simply download a movie and watch it.

3- Try to change your Lifestyle

Since fb has a great impact on your lives and it has changed it a lot. Now, to reverse it try to work on your lifestyle. Get up , go straight to the washroom, instead of jumping on your mobile phone or laptop for new notifications.

Most of us are in habit of taking photographs and selfies for facebook. It is time to change the reason to take pictures. Just take a selfie and show it to your family or simply take its print out and hang it in your room.

You are excited or tensed and feeling the urge for sharing it with your facebook friends. Share it with your family member, best friend or even your pet. Close your room door and shout out loud if you are overexcited or angry and can’t help it. Breathe for 5 minutes and you will feel better!

4- Make New Friends 

Facebook account is full with friends? And you are afraid how to leave them alone?

Don’t worry, just drop them your mobile phone number and ask for theirs to keep in touch in future.Do this esp. with people you like a lot; whereas, delete those whom you don’t like or don’t want to be in touch with.

Make new friends by joining a nearby club, organization or association. Take their contact number, arrange a party with them to socialize in real life with them.

5- Start Blog Writing

A healthy, more meaningful and serene substitute to Facebook or any other social media is creating your own blog and share it with others. It gives you peace of mind and creative freedom to write what you like.

Moreover, it offer more creativity and interaction. On facebook, you cannot design your own page or group. Neither does it allow for adding random people (to listen to their opinion) nor it allows to express yourself openly. Blogging is more liberal and relaxing in this regard as there is a lot of creative freedom and you are free to express your opinion in any way you like. (fb can sometimes block you 🙂

In short, facebook addiction is difficult, but not impossible to tackle. All you need is a little effort and a willing heart!




4 thoughts on “Top 5 Ways to Rid from Facebook Addiction

  1. Thank you for following my blog Samana. I went through your site and you certainly have talent as a writer.

    I agree that blogs are an ideal way to reflect and share. They are also therapeutic and help you provide a meaningful narrative to your life.

    And everyone has something to share…

    Babar Ahmad

    Liked by 1 person

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