Between two heavens stays our love (Episode 1)

Hi, this is my second published enovella, and I am sharing it here for free in the form of series. Hope you will enjoy reading it.

A bit about this novella: 

It is a romantic comedy about two very different people

“Sometimes we meet with people who understand us without taking a single second. They have magic or some special abilities; they do not need time for it. They can dig your spirit down without even wasting a single moment and catch your mind and they heart;while there are some other people, totally opposite to them. No matter how long you spend time with them, how long you try to clear up things to them, how long you have been caring for them…of no avail! They will never understand you.

Have you ever experienced such a person in your life?

Well, I did.

He was a software engineer; an Asian by ethnicity; he was a young, tall anda brown guy with really dark, deep, witty eyes.

I confess today, I had been so negative before meeting him; I used to hate all men especially, the Asians, why?

It was partially due to my former experience and partially due to my own nature. Or maybe we had met under odd circumstances. Anyhow, we messed things up a lot and tried all awkward things to remain at distance, but nature wanted something else for us.

Okay, sorry for the boring part and move to the brighter side this is in fact the crux of the story.

You know what he says about me now?

Let us just take his opinion directly. Shhh….he is here, working as usual.

Hey Sameer!

Hey Jess!

Sam! How did you find me? Like what is your opinion about me?

“Awkward, very awkward…”

“Come on, Sam…be serious”

“What I am telling you the truth. You are Ms. Dot…Dot…Dot…”

“What is it? He was pissing me off now but I kept insisting…

“Seriously, it is dot…dot…dot…”

“What are this dot, dot, and dot?”

“Means no comments” ha ha ha…he was laughing like hell.”

“Wow, very funny” I pretended to be angry. Seeing this situation, he replied:

“So you still doubtful, Jessy?”

I did not reply rather just rolled my eyes and kept sitting beside him.

“Well, you are too bad, I just do not like you and you are the stinkiest fellow who is living with me for the last 4 years for no reason.” Evil Smile!

“You I want to kill you, Samy!”

“You already killed me by marrying me, Madams. So no reasons okay!”

No reason? How mean! (Slapping Sameer funnily)By the way, I expected the same opinion from you. But now be serious, I have to tell my friend our story. Please Sweety tell them, I promise, I will repay.

Hm repay sounds yum… repay me with your yummiest kiss okay!

Yup, promise!

Okay, let us reverse back in time to 2010 when I arrived in Europe from Asia for job purposes. Jess was a university-going chick at that time. Both of us were far from each other, both in terms of place, space and mentality and honestly saying, both were very prejudiced too.

Our first meeting took place on a dark, dead cold night when there was snow everywhere. But first let me tell you what exactly happened and how.

Actually, I came to Europe after a really hard struggle; I was working at a software house in my country. Everything was going fine; I was associated with my European female boss, who had been very happy with me. She always liked my work and one day, she called me inside her office:

“Hey Sameer”

“Hello Madams”

“Sameer! I have a great task to offer to you.”

“I have a new project in hand from the headquarters in Europe. All my software team has already failed in producing it. We applied all tricks, techniques, tips in vain. Although it is my project but if you do that I will send a great report about you and recommend you a nice headquarter-based job.”

“Thank you so much, Madams. Please send me details about your project and I will do it for sure”

“Remember the deadline is 31st of March, 2010 i.e. three days from now.”

“Three days from now on. Very difficult madams, how come I handle it, I have already two projects to complete till tomorrow.” I was so damn shocked as I was overburdened those days.

“Come on, Sameer, I know you are a genius and do not think of being over-burdened, think of your future in Europe, your dream place…I assure you I will send you there, please.” Seeing a female, egocentric boss begging me, I felt a change in mind. Also going to Europe was also enticing me.”

(to be continued…)


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